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Together with musicians and educators from top institutions, we create teaching curriculum and management services/tools to help young teachers teach more creative and comprehensive music lessons.

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For young music teachers, we offer step-by-step teaching plans, so that you can start teaching fun and creative one-on-one or group lessons with minimal experience. Our systematic and proven music curriculums have been widely acclaimed by renowned teaching professionals in China and abroad.

Provide the most memorable music experience

If you haven’t gotten bored with teaching pieces and techniques lesson after lesson, your students have. We help you provide a broader view of music. During face-to-face sessions, we help you integrate music theory, listening, and solfeggi in a fun way. After lessons, we help your students expand their knowledge of music through our game-like online programs.

Work for yourself

Setting up a teaching studio has never been so easy. You just need an idea, and we provide you with a recognized brand, a VI system, teaching curriculums for all age groups and class sizes, apps to track student progresses and communicate with parents, tools to manage other teachers and schedules, concert services, various training programs and more!

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Teaching music is exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Join our community of over 20,000 music teachers. Here, we help each other, we share stories with each other, we grow together!

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